Nowadays, skincare has become one of the prime health practices for people in Victoria. This has been a demand for the changing times and pollution and hectic lifestyles all of which have a very devastating effect on the health of the skin.

Skin care in Victoria is essentially recommended after the treatment of chemical peeling. Since, chemical peeling is essentially done to remove the skin defects including hyper pigmentation, fixing fine lines and breakouts; it tends to bring out new life into the skin. Therefore, here are some of the tips to maintain the glow and care for the skin after the chemical peeling process.

Using SPF

After the skin peel process, the skin remains sensitive to most of the external agents of weather especially the sun. Therefore, you should make sure to cover yourself well under layers of sunscreen that have excellent SPF quantities in them to ensure an adequate amount of protection. Make sure not to go much often under the sun.

Use Soap Free Cleansers

Make sure to use cleansers that are soap-free. This is because soaps contain chemicals that can fall hard on the skin for cleaning and can tend to damage it, especially the post chemical skin peels in Victoria that is extremely soft. Soap can also tend to tighten the skin and deprive it of moisture.


The best tip is to ensure maximum moisturization. Having adequate amounts of moisture in the skin will help in encapsulating most of the nutrition and also maintain a healthy blood flow in the fine skin vessels improving the overall skin appearance.