Many people look for various ways to stay fit and healthy. People in Nashville often look for the various exercises and power yoga poses that can help in maintaining their body fitness. If you are looking for the professional help, you can get online fitness program from Nashville. Here you can work out in an effective way to burn all your extra calories in less time. You should also pay great attention towards the healthy diet as it is equally important.

Various yoga options that you can do at home to reduce belly fat

  • Bhujangasana – in this yoga pose, you have to lie with the face down on the yoga mat and relax your body. Now, with your hands take the support and try to lift up your upper body by inhaling the air. Try to stretch the body as far as you can and hold the position for 20 to 25 seconds. Then go back to the original position and relax. Repeat this in 10 to 15 sets.
  • Kumbhakasana–this pose is also very effective in reducing the belly fat. Lay down and with the help of your hand lift your entire body. Take the support of your toes also. This is like the plank exercise. Hold the position for few seconds before repeating it.
  • Ustrasana – in this pose you have to stand on your knees and bend your body backward. Try to touch your legs with your hands while bending back. This will help in toning the belly muscles.