Acne surely is the most common problem amongst the youngsters and even in thirties and forties for some. Even after the acne is cured, there remain scars which are as treacherous as acne itself.

There are various home-made remedies and natural face wash for acne that work on acne and scars like magic, given that you follow it religiously without skipping the directions of use. You can make really good oil for curing acne by mixing jojoba oil with carrot seed oil. Another wonderful cure for acne and spots is adding cinnamon with honey to form paste. In this paste, you could add little bit of fresh nutmeg and store it in a bottle. You can apply this paste on the spots and can even apply on full face and leave for around 10-15 minutes.

Oils are good for acne

Olive oil is a wonderful treatment in itself although it might sound little weird to some people because applying oil on already oily skin does not sound like a good idea. However, what many are unaware of is the fact that olive oil is a wonderful cleanser and purely natural. It can be applied for maximum three minutes and wiped with steamed towel for the best results.

Castor oil is yet another superb way to cleanse your skin and keep it free from the chemicals and other harmful things. Just like Olive oil, castor oil is also a natural cleansing agent and can be used on the skin without the fear of any side effects. However, make sure that before applying anything on the face, test a little bit on your hands to make sure that you are not allergic.