Water is essential for living and people usually go for well water as it is very pure and fresh. There are many commercial buildings that are using the underground water supply. The water coming from the underground needs to be pulled up by the pressure through the supply pipes. Making water available at the top of the building needs high pressure and for this people go for the electric motors. Foot suction valves are also used along with the electric motors to stop the reverse flow of water after electric motor is turned off.

How foot suction works?

The water is forwarded into the water pipes to flow upwards through electric motors. This pressure flow of water helps to reach out every floor of the building easily. After the electric motor is turned off, the vacuum is created inside the pipes and this vacuum results into reverse flow of water. The backflow of the water tends to empty the water tank which can create problems. To stop this issue, you can use foot suction which stops the reverse water flow and doesn’t create any vacuum in the water pipes.

Benefits of foot suction

If you ignore the installation of foot suction, you may face many problems such as scarcity of water and increased electric bills. You have to turn on the electric motors again and again to get the water access as reverse flow will empty your water tank quickly. If you want to save your extra expenses you should always go with good quality of foot suction installation.