Thread (varicose) veins are some of the most popular conditions in elders, especially in women. Their symptoms are obvious, so the medical condition is easy to identify. Problematic veins are normally far from the heart, so they usually show up around the feet. They are blue or purple. Although they do not pose any life threatening symptoms, they can cause mild pains and discomfort.

Sometimes, these symptoms lead to itching sensations, cramps and chronic tiredness. Veins enlarge in order to accumulate more blood, so blood clots are only a few steps away. Most people in Belfast opt for thread vein treatment specialists services of The Vein Clinic NI. However, they may also find naturist solutions to apply at home. All these homemade therapies can work along with a medical treatment too, as they will never interfere.

Naturist remedies for thread veins

Apple vinegar works wonders against thread veins. Get a bottle and apply some of it on the affected area two times a day. Let it drain naturally, then rinse. Massage the area gently for extra efficiency. Such a treatment must be continued for a few months.

Interested to take the battle to the next level? Get some clay then. Mix it with water and obtain a thick paste. Cover the affected area, then let it dry. Leave it overnight without rinsing.

Worried that you might soil the sheets? Use a sock to keep the paste in place. Apart from external uses, you must tackle thread veins internally too. Add a tablespoon of cayenne pepper (chili) in a cup of water and “enjoy”. You need three cups everyday.